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::: SOYOKAZE style :::

Brigi's Graphics Journal

::: S O Y O K A Z E s t y l e :::
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follow the wind.

Welcome to Brigi's graphic journal, Soyokaze Style!
Here you will find lots of icons, wallpapers, header, signatures, etc...
The posts consists of my own interests from japanese, korean, and taiwan entertainment, fashion, etc....
Opened: 2008 August 05
This journal is members-only. My posts will be made public for a week before they become members-only entries. So if you'd like to see the past posts you have to join this comm. ^_^

.01 Credit soyokazestyle or asami15
.02 Comment if taking
.03 Do not repost or redistribute
.04 Enjoy


if you'd like to be one, leave a comment here

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